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About Us

Harnessing the fundamentals for a lasting impact.

At Umlaut Marketing, we believe in the power of the fundamentals and a new perspective. In a world cluttered with loud and complex marketing strategies, we bring the elegance of the basics and the impact of strategic subtlety to create a plan that does its job.

Our Story

umlaut (/ˈʊmlaʊt/)
a mark (¨) used over a vowel to indicate a different vowel quality.

And that’s exactly how Umlaut Marketing came about - the basics of marketing signified by the vowel and the evolution of new-age implementation symbolised by the (¨) mark. Our journey began with a vision to approach marketing differently – not by overhauling, but by enhancing. Marketing must be built on both - the solid foundation of the basics of marketing that have created the giants in brands, and the technological and knowledge advancements that make the execution effective. All to create strategies that do their job - sell.

Meet the Team

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