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Case Studies

This page is more than a showcase; it's a window into the real-world impact of our philosophy in action. Here, you'll find a curated selection of case studies that exemplify our approach to market diagnosis, strategy formulation, and execution. These stories reflect our commitment to delivering excellence across diverse sectors and challenges.


Also featured are some of our esteemed clients, whose trust and collaboration have enabled us to push boundaries and achieve remarkable outcomes. Dive in to discover how our unique perspective transforms marketing visions into measurable successes.

We executed an extensive branding and communication strategy for the world's largest urban sanitation survey campaign, culminating in a remarkable 250% overshoot of our target with 40 million survey responses.


This groundbreaking campaign not only achieved the largest public movement towards sustainability but significantly improved waste processing and source segregation across urban India as well.

For a digital bank expanding into the European market, we strategically tackled the classic pricing dilemma. Our focus on market segmentation led to an optimal balance between price optimization and customer retention, enhancing the bank's profitability and market presence.

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Our Projects

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